• Requinte e bem-estar... | Refinement and well-being ...
    são o nosso lema! | is our motto!
  • A Casa da Oliveira...
    com elementos na tonalidade verde...
  • No Vale do Mondego | In Mondego Valley,
    no centro histórico da aldeia de Porto da Carne... | in the historic center of the village of Porto da Carne ...

The Mondego Houses are located in the River Mondego valley, in the historical centre of the village of Porto da Carne, in the borough of Guarda, and close to the river of the same name.

The Mondego Houses are made up of three country cottages and a reception, being accessed through the Pátio dos Cubos courtyard. Common to all of them is the Pátio das Oliveiras courtyard, in which, besides benefitting from the shade of the olive trees, one may enjoy the tranquillity of the environment and the always pleasant singing of the birds.

The use of the colours and names of each house was intended to provide the visitor to relate these to each corresponding agricultural activity or product that is predominant in this region:

- Olive Tree House: olive oil, olive harvest

- Grapevine House: wine, grape harvest

- Mondego House: game, contact with nature, honey, bee-keeping

On the Mondego Valley river beach, a few metres away, there is a protected area that may be used by the occupants of the houses, thus providing full enjoyment of the surrounding nature.



Exterior of the Property

The Surroundings...

  • Mondego River
  • Serra da Estrela
  • Activities (grape harvest , olive harvest , beekeeping)
  • Local festivals
  • Hiking